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Welcome to my site with photos from the countries I have been fortunate enough to visit. I work in IT Sales at Wingmen Solutions in Denmark see here - always trying to save money for my next trip. New english page here: Expedition Everywhere

Choose a continent in the menu or click for complete country list. Or choose Tours to see maps with routes, read my travel diary (in danish) and see photos from the chosen trip. Or see my 50 favorite images.

Latest trips: NOV18: Turkmenistan. July18: Egypt and Sudan.APR18: Yemen&Oman. FEB2018: PNG, Timor-Leste, Bhutan & Pakistan. JAN18: Libya. NOV17: Saudi Arabia. Summer 2017: 8 countires in West Africa (v2).February 2017: Micronesia and Taiwan.Summer 2016: Algeria&Portugal. February 2016: Central Africa (DR Congo, Rep. Congo, Angola, CAR, Cameroun, Eq.guinea, Sao Tomé, Gabon and Chad). Autumn 2015: Rome, Cyprus, Iceland. Summer 2015 Africas Horn (Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, South Sudan). February 2015: Maldives and Sri Lanka. Autumn 2014: Iraq. Summer 2014: Tour de Stan (5 countries in Centralasien). Februar 2014: 8 countries in West Africa (v1). Juli 2013: Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan).April 2013: Paris. February 2013: Cuba. July 2012 Ukraine and Moldova. January-April 2012: World tour and Pacific. Our world tour was one of five finalists in the competion Danish travel adventure of the year 2012.

July 2011: Central Europe. February 2011: Miami and caribbean cruise. December 2010 St. Petersburg.October 2010: Balkan. July 2010: Bulgaria and Romania.February 10: Miami and caribbean cruise. March 2009: Svalbard. February 2009: Malta. Summer 2008: Arabian Peninsula. Easter 2008: The Baltics and Belarus. Summer 2007 we went flying throughout The Caribean. Summer 2006: Japan, South Korea and North Korea.In April 2006 we went to Belgium and Luxembourg. In February 2006 I went to East Africa. In July 2005 we made a 8800 km trip in a rented car through 5 countries in Southern Africa. Click to see much more from these trips including maps and lots of photos.

See a slideshow of the births of our fantastic little son Jonas-slides and daughter here: Ava-slides. They also have their own homepage felk.eu or check my favourite stills of Ava and Jonas

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All photos except where stated are taken by me. All photographs © Jakob Øster - all rights reserved. If you are interested in purchasing / using the photos permission must be obtained from info@jakoboester.dk.

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